Centrally driven

  • The mechanism would be of centrally driven type with fixed full bridge spanning the tank diameter.
  • Bridge consists of necessary walkway with handrails to access drive unit at the centre.
  • Drive unit consisting of Drive head (Worm shaft & worm gear) connected to Gear Box by Chain & sprockets and the Gear box connected to Motor by Love joy Coupling.
  • Main Vertical solid inserted into the Drive head gear bore and keys locked, suspended freely, flange facing downwards.
  • An intermediate Scraper arm shaft made out of Heavy duty pipes suspended from the vertical shaft.
  • Suitable diameter of Influent well made out of MS or FRP fixed in Bridge bottom for Feed entry.
  • Two pipe construction Scraper arms, rigidly fabricated to sweep the tank floor with Scraper blades, Neoprene Rubber squeezes and Strips to hold Squeezes.
  • Two Stub arms provided to sweep the core sludge area at the centre and also to provide brace supports to the main Scraper arms.
  • Suitable Central Sludge well scraper.
  • Painting.


  • Weir plates with Anchor fasteners on outlet launder peripheral.
  • Skimmer with Scum box.
  • Mechanical over load protection device with proximity sensors mounted on Drive head.
  • Manually or Electrically operated Lifting device mechanism by 300 mm.
  • Vertical pickets fixed in Scraper arms at equal distance for better sludge compaction.