Screw Conveyor type

  • The Grit scraping mechanism would be of centrally driven type with fixed full bridge spanning the tank diameter with necessary walkway and handrails to access drive unit at the centre.
  • Scraper Drive unit consisting of Drive head (Worm shaft & worm gear) connected to Gear Box by Chain & sprockets and the Gear box connected to Motor by Love joy Coupling.
  • Main Vertical solid shaft inserted into the Drive head gear bore and keys locked, suspended freely, flange facing downwards.
  • A Scraper arm shaft made out of Heavy duty pipe suspended from the vertical shaft.
  • Two Scraper arms, rigidly fabricated to sweep the grit to the grit sump with Scraper blades, Neoprene Rubber squeezes and Strips to hold Squeezes.
  • SS Screw conveyor shall be mounted in the grit sump at inclination and operated by Geared motor for removing collected grits from sump bottom.
  • A cleaning arrangement shall be provided to remove organic particles from the grit and pumped back to the tank by an Organic pump. Pump has a vertical shaft with impeller connected to motor by pulleys and belt.