Peripherally driven Clarifier / Independent Flocculator

  • The mechanism would be of peripherally driven type having half bridge spanning the tank radius and having two or four independent flocculators within the flocculation tank.
  • Bridge consists of necessary walkway with handrails to access centre support.
  •  Bridge one end would be connected to the Centre support and the other to the traction trolleys.
  • Bridge centre support shall rest over the Slewing type Turntable over base plate will be anchored to the Central civil RCC pier.
  • Traction trolleys will be positioned on the tangential line of the RCC tank to enable smooth running. Drive unit consisting of two traction wheels supported on journal and drive shaft connected to Gear Box by Chain & sprockets and the Gear box connected to Motor by coupling.
  • A truss type Scraper arm for outer tank is hung in Bridge bottom with suspended and cross braced vertical structures to sweep the tank floor with Scraper blades, Neoprene Rubber squeezes and Strips to hold Squeezes.
  • Two truss type Scraper arms, rigidly fabricated for inner Flocculation tank would be fixed to the Turn table of the Centre mechanism to sweep the tank floor with Scraper blades, Neoprene Rubber squeezes and Strips to hold Squeezes
  • Feed inlet to the Clarifier is through the hollowed civil Centre pier bottom.
  • Two Central Sludge well scrapers will be provided.
  • A Slipring assembly (Ten ring collectors) will be provided for power supply.
  • Two or Four independent flocculators placed at 90º or 180º on the bridge on the flocculation tank.
  • Each flocculator drive consists of helical or worm geared motor with output shaft coupling.
  • Flocculator shaft made out of heavy duty pipes suspended on output shaft coupling.
  • Paddles will be bolted to th pipe shaft and entire unit shall be selected to achieve suitable rpm speed.
  • Painting.


  • Weir plates with Anchor fasteners on outlet launder peripheral.
  • Skimmer with Scum box.