Centre Cage Driven

  • The mechanism would be of centrally driven type with fixed half bridge spanning the tank radius. One end over the tank wall and other over a Centre mechanism cum turn table in the Centre pier.
  • Bridge consists of necessary walkway with handrails to access drive unit at the centre.
  • Centre mechanism – Internal gear worm drive type turn table resting over a base frame on the RCC centre pier.
  • Drive unit consisting of Centre mechanism with internal gears through which the Scraper Cage is hung. This internal gears in turns is run by worm Drive head (Worm shaft & worm gear) connected Gear Box by Chain & sprockets and the Gear box connected to Motor by Love joy Coupling.
  • Suitable diameter of Influent well made out of MS or FRP bolted to the Center Scraper Cage.
  • Feed inlet to the Clarifier is through the hollowed civil Centre pier bottom.
  • Two Scraper arms, truss type fabricated fixed to Centre Scraper Cage suspended from the Centre mechanism to sweep the tank floor with Scraper blades, Neoprene Rubber squeezes and Strips to hold Squeezes.
  • Two Central Sludge well scrapers.
  • Painting.


  • Weir plates with Anchor fasteners on outlet launder peripheral.
  • Skimmer with Scum box.
  • Mechanical over load protection device with proximity sensors mounted on Drive head
  • Full fixed bridge.